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Aikido – a budo martial art

 Aikido is a system of self-defense that teaches the aikidoka (the aikido practitioner) the ability to respond reflexively to a potential attack in a natural and appropriate way. Aikido is always defensive as the main paradigm is to redirect the force of the opponent’s attack back at him. This is why aikido can never be competitive. Training with a partner, the aikidoka moves through a series of exercises each consisting of an attack and the corresponding ai ki do banner 150x447defensive maneuver.The defender evades the attack while integrating himself into the attacker’s movements. Thus gaining the initiative he can take away her opponent’s balance, allowing him to either pin his opponent with a hold or throw him. Aikido is an effective way to defend against one or several opponents and allows the aikidoka to defend himself against a wide range of attacks.


The three main principles 


Awase - timing 

Integrating yourself into the opponent’s attack and becoming one with his movements 


Tai-sabaki - movement 

Moving your center into the right angle and distance to the opponent  


Kokyu-ryoku - power of breathing

Uniting the three dimensions: timing, movement and power.
Through the use of kiai your inner energy is focused which, with correct positioning and timing,  allows you to seize control of and neutralize your opponent’s attack.


Controlling the energy in an attack 


When an attacker initiates his attack, he is already determined to perform a parti- cular punch, kick or hold. This intention will keep him in a fixed pattern of action, and his options to spontaneously react differently will be locked by his own intention to attack. In aikido the attack is regarded simply as movement, but with an energy that can be controlled through the  right attitude and technique. An attack is not stopped by applying force, but ai ki do banner 150x447 by integrating  the parry into the attack to take control of  the opponent’s energy. The ability to react spontaneously and synchronize your movements with those of your opponent is an important basic element in aikido. Through constant training you develop the ability to understand and counter any aggressive actions without becoming a part of the aggression. 


The universal energy 

Aikido is a budo martial art, which integrates the physical and spiritual sides of life. The philosophy is that life is a continuous flow of energy. When this is acknowledged,

the thought of fighting proves meaningless. Basically, aikido is the art of understanding and becoming one with creativity, love and ultimately life. 



 Your mind should be in harmony with the functioning

of the universe; your body should be in tune with the

movement of the universe; body and mind should be

bound as one, unified with the activity of the universe.

Morihei Ueshiba

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