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Aikido is for all 

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Dojo rules Etiquette

Aikido for everybody

Aikido can be practiced by everybody. It is an excellent way of exercise for the body and mind. It will increase your balance, coordination and strength, sharpen your physical and mental awareness, and teach you to read and spontaneously react appropriately to a potentially threatening situation. Classes are taught three days a week. 

Free trial lesson 

Every Tuesday from 5.40 pm to 6.40 pm the class is open to anyone who wishes to try aikido. After the lesson you will receive our introductory pamphlet and we will be very happy to answer any further questions you might have.  

What to wear 

Aikido is practiced barefooted wearing a white gi. Outside the mat, sandals or other indoor footwear are worn. For the free trial lesson and the next couple of times it is acceptable to wear loose-fitting clothing, e.g. sweat pants and a t-shirt. It is considered courteous to be punctual, so make sure you have time to change your clothes before the class is scheduled to begin.

You are very welcome to contact our club by e-mail or phone, but you may also simply show up for the introductory lesson – there is no registration required. 


Tuition is 150 DKK per month. The first months must be paid in advance when enrolling. After the the first months, tuition is paid monthly. Payment can be done only by bank transfer to the club account. If you wish to discontinue your membership, it will be considered terminated by the end of the month you have given notice of this.

Our club has a discount agreement with Nippon Sport and Budoexperten if you purchase training gear there – contact:  

Flemming Karlsen: 4052 5340  

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