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Aikido finds its true shape 

Aikido has passed through several stages as Ueshiba himself evolved – from the Daito Ryu-inspired techniques of the 1930’s to the aikido we know today. In 1927 Ueshiba founded Hombu Dojo (the headquarters) in Tokyo, but during the Second World War he moved to the village Iwama, north of Tokyo. Here he synthesized his life’s training, both spiritually and technically, into the aikido practiced today. It was also in Iwama Dojo that Ueshiba perfected the basic techniques of aikido and regularly taught weapon techniques using bokken (wooden sword) and jo (wooden staff), which also form the foundation for the body techniques in aikido. During this phase of his life in Iwama, the founder also formulated the concept of Takemusu Aiki, that is, the spontaneous execution of infinite techniques in a manner completely appropriate to the specific circumstance.                                                                    

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