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Aikido and the Omote religion

Morihei Ueshiba, who had a strong connection to the Omote religion, argued that the contemporary martial arts lacked a philosophical and spiritual dimension. They were developed during times of war and strife and focused entirely on the technical fight and defeating the opponent. Inspired by the Omote religion, Ueshiba’s assumption was that everything on the Earth is universal, thus being innately divine. That we are all unique and independent individuals while at the same time parts of a coherent consciousness.From this philosophy, Morihei Ueshiba developed a budo system which through perfect timing allows you to become part of the attack, so you may assume control thus neutralizing the contradiction inherent in the struggle. This spiritual foundation of aikido can be experienced directly during the daily training.A significant element of the exercise is the physical contact with the attacker, which practices and strengthens the ability to remain unaffected by this attack, even as the attack is neutralized.

 Morihei Ueshiba   Morihei Ueshiba

is through the perfect technique of  the Aikido, that

the universal laws of life are understood” Morihei Ueshiba

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