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 A New Budo 

Aikido is derived from the ancient Japanese martial arts jujutsu, kenjutsu, bojutsu and judo. These martial arts were aimed at close combat and defeating the opponent. The Japanese samurais of that time honed their technical skills to perfection. These perfected skills became the foundation for the new budo developed by Morihei Ueshiba but permeated by the philosophy that all living beings are unique and independent individuals while at the same time identical to the all-pervasive universal energy. By transforming the perfected martial arts techniques of the samurais through the philosophy of universal energy a new budo emerged. 

 The triangle: 'Iku-Musubi' is representative of the dynamic energy of the 'ki-flow'-dimension and symbolic of the physical stance used in aikido, 'hanmi' (half body), which is an extremely vital and also balanced stance. The technical aspect of the triangle is the ability to integrate into an attack in the right angle and position through perfect timing. 

 The circle: 'Taru-Musubi' is representative of the perfection of fluid movement and symbolic of unification and the eternal flow of energy. The technical aspect of the circle is attuning your own movements and center of balance to those of your opponent.

 The square: 'Tamatsume-Musubi' is representative of the basic, material dimension, and symbolic of grounding and stability. The technical aspects of the square are controlling and absorbing the energy from an attack and transforming it into a strengthened defense.


These three symbols are the three pillars of aikido and each of them represents a significant aspect of the universal energy. United they are the epitome of energy, thus being the essence of aikido behind the techniques. Technically, they represent the perfect defense: through harmonious movements to simultaneously evade and enter into the attack, thus gaining the initiative and the ability to control the attack and thereby the attacker.

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